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How Much Is Utilities A Month In Edmonton

The average home insurance + utility cost in Edmonton for a 1-bedroom condo is $150 per month. (*Insureye) Cost of Public Transport and Parking Rates Public transport in Edmonton is operated by ETS (Edmonton Transit Service) which is. For a three bedroom modern townhouse you can expect total monthly electric and gas bills ranging from $280 – $350 per month in the coldest months to $100 -$200 in the summer months. For some apartments and condominiums the cost of heating and hot water is included in the monthly rent. 4.

Utilities: Water, Sewer and Waste Collection We pay roughly per month; $1900 mortgage $300 property tax $300 epcor (water, waste garbage pickup) $200 enmax (power/gas) Optional shaw $85 for Internet. This is in a 1700 sq/ft home detached garage with finished basement. I say finished basement because property taxes go up when you finish your basement.

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